Our Services

Mallang Salma is a global provider of information technology (IT) services and is one of the industries' fastest growing Leaders. At Mallang Salma, our experts put IT to work for you, applying custom solutions to your business problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Classroom Training

We have an excellent facility for classroom training. The teaching methods we fallow will lest the students to have hands-on and real time ‘skill set’ that will help them a lot during their job.

We do assess our classroom training wing, time to time, and implement new ideas for better facilitation and Training. We have smart teaching aids like Projectors, LCDs and virtual Server access for wonderful classroom training experience.

Our Dedicated Faculty are better experienced in teaching and they are self-motivated towards upgrading themselves through updated versions of the tools and delivering them with a great presenting style. We teach specific courses in our Classroom Training, Specific courses based on the demand in job Market. We always strive to enhance our students with the ‘skill requirement that they have approached us, which will help them to minimize the gap between their ‘skill set’ and ‘skill set’ needed for a job.

Technologies Training


Online Training

Mallang Salma Consulting Services adopts an empirical approach in IT training (Class room and online). Mallang Salma Consulting Services offers incisive and insightful training in a range of platforms and in demanded technologies. The ability of offering training is not restricted to some particular area, means we cover all parts of the world. We have unprecedented number of students from USA, UK, Canada, Gulf and other major countries in the world. We are aiming to cross the barriers with our reliable services to Australia, South Africa and other major countries in the world, for the growth of IT.

Man Power Sourcing

In today's highly competitive and ever-changing technology market, hiring the right candidate can make the difference between success and failure of your mission critical projects. At Mallang Salma Consulting Services we have crafted & perfected a delivery model that sources, screens and employs only the highest quality candidate from a diverse pool of IT professionals in the best turn-around time.
Whether you are looking for an individual, project team or require the management of a complete talent management solution, we bring technical expertise and a consultative approach to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.
Our comprehensive solutions in the Professional Staffing space include:

  • IT/ITES- Staffing - We assist companies in tracing the right talent and deploy professionals who are specific to an industry, geography or business purpose for a definite project timeline on Mallang Salma Consulting Services payroll.
  • Hire Train Deploy - Our campus to corporate program provides qualified and ready to deploy resources for our clients. All hired candidates are trained in the necessary skill set by our technology experts. The qualified resources are then deployed to the client.
  • IT managed services - At Mallang Salma Consulting Services, we execute projects for specific Centres of Excellence like Testing and Infrastructure management services, under the Managed/Co-Managed engagement model. Managed or co-managed service projects are executed from client premises wherein Mallang Salma Consulting Services brings its expertise and knowledge around process guidelines, demand & resource management and technical expertise. These projects are augmented with our expertise in staffing, by providing skilled resources to the client in a short span of time.
  • Reverse Partnering - Our Reverse Partnering process allows us to transfer our Clients employees to our own payroll and eventually redeploy them for other projects. We also follow a similar process for the bench resources of our customers which proves to be beneficiary for both of us.
  • Rebadging - Our operation of transferring resources from other partner organizations of our client, to our own payroll, allows us to deploy employees to different partners. Direct referrals from the client are also positioned in accordance with such necessities.
  • Contract process Outsourcing - As part of Contract Process Outsourcing, we take charge of specific recruitment services for our customers. We ensure all paper work and compliance processes are in place for any particular business process assigned to us. Connection to external and internal business stakeholders ensures placement of qualified talent for a stipulated period.
  • Fixed Cost Contract - Within the proposed costs, we ensure that our deliverables are aligned to timelines. Keeping the team headcount in mind for any specific venture, we focus on creating definite structures to meet client business requirements.
  • Build Operate Transfer - We offer tremendous executional capability to support and build end-to-end staffing processes. By developing a resource management cell, in consultation with our client, we complete operations right from resource supervision to scaling of processes. The control is then transferred to the client once it is established.
  • Master Service Provider - As a single point of contact, Mallang Salma Consulting Services acts as an exclusive partner who consolidates all contracting requirements from the client. Complete services are delivered for comprehensive resource management to reduce administration overheads and for managing vendor partners.
  • Pyramid Model - Different customers require specific management skills in a team to complete work at various levels. We recruit the complete team structure depending on the customer's project requirements. We also extend permanent staffing competency for senior level professionals depending on the client's need.
  • Neutral Vendor Model - Our Neutral Vendor Model allows us to streamline the number of vendors and reduce bandwidth of collating different profiles. In this way we source a variety of profiles for our clients acting as a solitary partner.

HR Consulting

Talent acquisition is one core component to managing organizational talent. The key to successfully recruiting and retaining top talent is to develop a consistent process to attract and retain those employees that align to your strategic organizational needs. Mallang Salma Consulting Services can help you recruit, select, and retain top talent through our talent acquisition service offerings!

Recruiting and hiring employees is no longer just placing an ad for a position, conducting a standard interview, and selecting a candidate based on a “best out of the bunch” approach. Organizations today realize the level of investment made in their human capital as well as the level of performance required by their workforce to maintain competitiveness in today’s market. Selecting the wrong candidate can cost your organization valuable production time and money. This is why Mallang Salma Consulting Services offers strategic Talent Acquisition & Planning Services that help you make the right decisions for long-term benefits to your organization.


When we say Strategic Recruitment, we mean strategic! Mallang Salma Consulting Services provides the expert services and resources needed to ensure your recruitment efforts pay off for the long-term! From the very start of identifying the skills needed to the end of the candidate evaluation and selection, Mallang Salma Consulting Services ensures your workforce additions are the right fit for your organization.

Skills, Capabilities, Behavioural & Characteristics Assessments

Managing today’s human capital is challenging enough, but you don’t need to make your decisions based on subjective processes and instinct. Mallang Salma Consulting Services provides a wealth of assessments to help make strategic decisions. Whether its succession planning, new hires, organizational alignment, or performance improvement, Mallang Salma Consulting Services validated Assessment Tools can provide the knowledge you need to make the decisions that really matter.

Job Analysis, Job Evaluation & Job Descriptions

  • Job analysis, evaluation and development of accurate job descriptions support many critical aspects of an organization’s human capital management –
  • Recruitment of the correct candidate
  • Establishment of competitive compensation
  • Individual productivity and employee engagement
  • Streamline of work processes and accountability
  • Identification of training needs
  • Compliance with labour laws and legislation.

Talent Acquisition:-

  • Strategic Recruitment Support
  • Candidate Selection Assessment
  • Interview Guides
  • Employee On boarding
  • Orientation Programs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning

Talent Management:-

  • Job Analysis & Job Descriptions
  • Internal Job Evaluation
  • External Market Pricing
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Training Design, Development
  • Delivery & Evaluation
  • Compensation Analysis & Design
  • Coaching
  • Customized Online Campuses
  • Organizational & Employee Surveys

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Services

Mallang Salma Consulting Services provides comprehensive Business Intelligence consulting services ranging from first time implementations to mature deployments. Our consultants have years of experience with various Business Intelligence software vendors and versions, and we stay current on any new releases so that we can fully support customer upgrades. Our Business Intelligence team has delivered hundreds of projects over the last few years and brings expertise in all facets of business analytics, including data architecture and data warehousing.
Our process begins with understanding your business requirements and determining how your business groups consume information. For example, is your business analysis-driven? Is reporting ad hoc or managed? Are reports generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? And in what format do reports come: as graphics, as a list, through a dashboard manager?  From that assessment, we create a high-level project plan and a roadmap charting the course for your BI initiative.

BI Reporting

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Ranking Reports & Web-based Reports
  • Interactive Reporting & What-if Analysis

Enterprise Data Warehousing

  • Data Warehouses & Data Marts
  • Meta Data Management
  • Data Warehouse Administration

Analytics/Enterprise Dashboards

  • Dashboards
  • KPIs & EPMS
  • Advanced Analytics Services

Data Acquisition & Migration

  • Data Sources
  • Clean-up & Transformations
  • ET